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Whiskey Bitches Brew (Video)

I recently got to chat with NYC-based band Whiskey Bitches about their new music, the many stories behind their tattoos and what it’s like to be a punk rock software engineer (full interview here at our sister site Mind Equals Blown). Their music represents all of the best parts of punk: they’re fun, they’re fast and they make you want to move around….

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Cereal Milk White Russians

A few months back, I caught up with NYC-based band Milhaus to chat about their EP The Graduate (full interview here). Both their band and EP names are pop culture references (The Simpsons and The Graduate respectively) and so I created a cocktail in their honor: Cereal Milk White Russians (aka the “Milkhaus”). Cereal milk is delicious and sweetens White Russians nicely. Plus I’m on…

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